Let’s be honest, there’s nothing to love about brittle hair and split ends. But what causes it and how can you get rid of it? First, is lack of moisture. Dehydrated hair is far more prone to breakage, so optimal hydration is key.

The next major culprit is too much heat styling. While it can give you amazing results, it’s no secret that continuous heat styling damages and weakens your hair over time, making it an ideal candidate for breakage. Try cutting down and when you do use a hot tool, be sure to protect your hair and prevent split ends with a targeted treatment such as the Sérum Thérapiste. Its breakthrough technology that combines FIBRA-KAP ™ and Sève de Résurrection protects the fibre from heat and seals ends for a sleek, polished finish.

Do some damage control with this 3-step ritual

We recommend starting with a conditioner before your shampoo for this hair care regime to help prevent further breakage while washing. Target breakage with a rich conditioner like the Soin Premier from our Thérapiste range. Applied to wet hair, it contains six types of Amino Acids that work on the most frazzled areas of your hair to repair any damage internally. After a few minutes, emulsify and rinse before following up with a nourishing shampoo such as our Bain Thérapiste to gently cleanse your strands and wash away any impurities. Last up in your anti-breakage arsenal, our Thérapiste Masque ! Intensely nourishing, this mask acts like an S.O.S bandage for your hair, strengthening and protecting it from further damage.

Get professional help for hair reconstruction

If you think your strands are beyond repair, think again. Head to your nearest Kérastase salon for a made-to-measure Fusio-Dose treatment. Clinically proven to reduce breakage by up to 98%, Concentré Vita-Ciment reconstructs the hair fibre thanks to its high performance formula and is mixed in with one of five boosters depending on your hair’s specific secondary needs, tackling everything from breakage to dullness for an instant transformation.