How to style your curly hair

Curly hair can be difficult to manage, Kerastase's top tips for how to care for your curls with the Curl ideal range

If you’re naturally curly, you’ve probably been told by at least one person how much they envy your hair. What they don’t know however, is that achieving a good curly hair day is harder than it looks! Prone to frizz and unruliness, especially in humid conditions, curly hair can be difficult to style. But, with the right haircut, technique and a little patience, you’ll soon find you can tame your mane into smooth, defined curls.

For beautiful curls, start with the basics

No amount of styling can hide unhealthy, damaged hair and split ends especially can make your hair even frizzier. To keep your curls in top condition, get a trim every six to eight weeks and use a wide toothed comb to detangle your locks from the bottom up. This avoids breakage and you’ve guessed it, those dreaded split ends.

Style smart: first hydrate your curly hair


After washing with the Cleansing Conditioner Curl Ideal which is specially formulated for curly hair, apply the luxurious Mask Curl Ideal , a deep treating mask for voluminous, curly hair, which provides control on hair volume as well as frizz. Prep your hair with a nourishing pre-styling cream like the Crème Oléo-Curl from our Discipline range which contains the highest Pro-Kératin concentration of any of our lines. Applied before styling, it hydrates the hair providing thermo-protection and anti-frizz action for smooth, defined curls. You can also use it as a light finishing touch after styling to add extra shine and protect against humidity. If you prefer a lighter texture, try the Mousse Curl Idéal to give your curls shape and definition with an airy, natural finish and no rigidity.

Using a hair dryer with curly hair

If you’re not using the attachments that come with your hair dryer, then you’re missing out! Cue the diffuser, your new best friend. On a low setting, it spreads heat evenly throughout your hair, minimising frizz and keeping your curl pattern together- a blast of cold air at the end also helps to seal the cuticle and provide even more shine. Avoid scrunching your hair in your hands while you dry so as to not to cause frizz!

When using the right products and techniques, your curls will never look better!