Detox your hair and scalp with natural haircare

Aura Botanica, Kerastase's natural origin based range of haircare

For most of us, nothing says detox more than January. After indulging over the festive season, it’s all about getting back on track, focusing on natural ingredients (green juice anyone?) and restoring that healthy glow. So why not do the same for your hair? Get rid of impurities on your hair that can cause dullness and give your locks a serious dose of TLC with our Aura Botanica range. With up to 98% of naturally sourced ingredients, including ever popular argan and coconut oils. Just what mother nature ordered!

First things first!

Before getting started, your stylist will assess your hair to identify your individual needs and customise your treatment. The first step consists of gently cleansing your strands which your stylist will do using a Konjac sponge* – known for its super absorbent qualities – then with our Micellar shampoo. This gentle, aromatic formula gently removes build-up and impurities for a naturally soft touch. Next up is Soin Fondamental, an intense moisturising conditioner specially formulated with precious natural oil to help restore your hair’s vitality, leaving it feeling weightless and replenished. We bet you’re feeling more virtuous already!

If your hair is on the thicker side, your stylist may add a couple of pumps of Concentré Essentiel to protect your strands and give them a radiant finish. Last but not least, a small amount of Essence d’Éclat will keep the frizz at bay and give you that silky glow, while protecting your hair from heat.

To keep that post-salon glow, indulge in our at-home product range following the same steps. Now, if only all detoxes were this easy!