​Curly & Wavy Hair - How to Enhance Your Naural Curls

Enhance your natural curls with the Discipline Range by Kerastase
If you are lucky enough to be blessed with natural curls, then you won’t need rollers, heat or a perm to nail the look. However, if you want to get the most out of your luscious locks, you will probably want to know how to tame them. The good news is our Discipline range is here to help you do just that!

Maintenance is everything when it comes to curly hair

The secret to smooth and defined curly hair is maintenance. Firstly, it’s important to get them trimmed regularly, this helps eradicate split ends and keep your hair healthy.

To wash, or to co-wash?

When it comes to day-to-day care it is important to understand how to care for curly hair, using the right products can be the difference between frizz and controlled. Discipline Fondant Fluideliste conditioner for curly hair is perfect for those who like to co-wash, or conditioner-only wash, their curly hair. Conditioners are able to remove dirt and residue from the scalp and, of course, condition which keeps hair soft and silky. Containing a luxurious blend of amino acids, wheat protein and conditioning agents, the product is ideal for nourishing and protecting curly hair as it both washes and conditions the hair. It’s also silicone and sulphate-free, which leaves hair with a natural touch.

Once you have washed your locks with Fondant Fluideliste , tame any voluminous curls with the Discipline Maskeratine hair mask. Simply massage onto lengths and ends, leave for 5-10 minutes, and rinse thoroughly.

Create smooth curls

Curl definition and smoothness is what gives curly locks their enviable and head-turning appearance. Oléo-Curl cream allows you to achieve this look at home. It’s enriched with pro-keratin and helps prevent frizz and protect your locks from humidity. Applying it to hair that has been towel-dried helps create smooth, silky curls.

Get bouncy, defined curls

If you dream of bouncy, defined curls, then Mousse Curl Idéal could be the answer. The intense and sumptuous formula contains ingredients such as algae extract, glucose and hydrolysed elastine, all of which help to tame, nourish and protect curls. For best results, simply scrunch it on towel dried hair.

Then, whichever Discipline product you have opted for, simply let it dry naturally, or style with a diffuser on a cold air setting and you can have a good hair day every day.

With Kérastase, you can now know how to look after curly hair and get professional-looking curls at home as well as in the salon!