How to keep coloured and highlighted hair looking amazing

Coloured hair can be difficult to maintain, here are our top tips for maintaining your colour

Colouring your hair can give it a new lease of life and is a great way to reinvent yourself. Keeping coloured hair looking bright and lustrous can take a lot of maintenance: this is because hair dye weakens your tresses and can leave them prone to further damage, and also colour fade. As such, coloured or highlighted hair can require more nourishment than natural hair.

How UV rays and water can damage coloured hair

It is no secret that UV rays from the sun damage skin cells, but they can also cause havoc on hair. Prolonged exposure to these invisible rays can damage the hair’s structure, leading to further damage such as split-ends, breakage frizz and also decolouration. Dyed hair is even more vulnerable to UV rays so it is important to properly protect and nourish it to keep your colour from fading.

Water can be a big villain for coloured hair as well. Rinsing it with very hot water or even washing your hair too much lifts the outer cuticle layer, leading to colour fading. Hard water, really common in the UK, contains minerals such as calcium, copper and chlorine which can deposit on your hair and leave your hair looking and feeling dull.

How can I protect my hair colour from UV and water damage?

Kérastase has developed an at-home Reflection haircare range created especially for dyed hair. Each product in the range is enriched with UV filters, Vitamin E and a Chelator Complex to keep your hair colour looking amazing.

A personalised approach to haircare

While all coloured hair needs to be defended against UV rays and water damage, not all hair is the same and we believe that your hair products should be personalised to suit your individual hair needs. That is why you can choose the Kérastase Reflection shampoo that is the most suitable for your hair, depending on how sensitised it is (go for Reflection Bain Riche shampoo if it is very sensitised) and the conditioning product most suitable to your conditioning needs and hair thickness. The Reflection Fondant Chromatique conditioner offers a weightless touch, whilst the Reflection Chromatique Masks offer a more rich and nourishing treatment for both and thick and fine hair.

How can I revive my hair colour between salon visits?

To ensure that every colour is catered for, we have developed a selection of Touche Chromatique ink-in-care products. When blended with our conditioners or masks from the Reflection range, they create a bespoke product that both enhances colour and protects your locks. Who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?

Touche Chromatique Copper ink-in-care to revive copper shades

The blend creates a leave-in treatment enhances coppers to retain boldness and shine. Let those auburn highlights radiate!

Touche Chromatique Red ink-in-care to revitalise reds

Formulated for vivacious red heads, this ink-in-care creates a personalised intense hair treatment which keeps hair soft, shiny and helps reflect red tones.

Touche Chromatique Cool Blond ink-in-care to neutralise yellow undertones

For all you honorary cool blondes, this might be the ink-in-care you have been waiting for. The sumptuous formula neutralises unsightly tones and keeps your locks their chic, cool shade of blonde.

Touche Chromatique Cool Brown ink-in-care to neutralise red undertones

This ink-in-care helps keep your locks looking cool brown by neutralizing brassy undertones and boosting browns instead.

Simply mix 10 clicks of your chosen Touche Chromatique with your Reflection conditioning product. Leave on for 5 minutes, rinse and style. And voilà!

With Kérastase, it’s easier than ever to get a tailored solution to keep your hair colour protected and bright until your next salon visit.