Chroma Absolu:
The Ingredients Powering This Colour Treating range

The latest hero range from Kérastase is powered by science and a trio of potent acids. Let’s dive in…

Colouring hair can be damaging but not anymore with Chroma Absolu. The new hero range consists of 7 products, to care for colour treated hair at home, and 2 in-salon treatments, designed for hair that is sensitized or damaged from colour procedures. The products tackle unwanted colour-induced issues such as unwanted frizz, porous strands that lead to colour fade, and a lack of shine due to a dry, coarse texture. Chroma Absolu is powered by a trio of acids and a plant-based ingredient that are loved in skincare (but work wonders for hair too). Keep reading to find out about the ingredients that help you maintain your dream colour for longer.

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Amino Acid

Known to penetrate down to the cortex to rebuild the hair from the inside out. Amino acids are organic compounds that combine to form proteins and are the building blocks of everything from healthy hair to skin. Hair is made from keratin and amino acids, so funnelling them deep down into sensitised or damaged hair can help to strengthen your strands.

Tartaric Acid

A lesser-known Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) - yes, from the same family of ingredients you lean on to exfoliate your skin - can also be a powerful antioxidant. Tartaric acid helps reduce oxidative stress and shields against external damage.

Chroma absolu

Lactic Acid

Chroma Absolu is a new way to treat coloured hair at home. It’s a reviving acidic treatment that respects the hair fibre whilst helping to reduce the porosity of the hair and leaving it feeling nourished, smooth and soft. This new way of treatment empowers those who love to colour their hair to take charge of their colour journey by providing you with the care you need.

Centella Asiatica

Centella Asiatica (also known as Tiger Grass and Cica) has been big news in skincare for a few years now. As a regenerative plant it has powerful healing abilities, able to seriously soothe skin and hair. Beyond soothing, it has been found to strengthen the hair and support healthy hair growth.


The Chroma Absolu range harnesses these ingredients to achieve up to 96% stronger hair after 6 weeks*, up to 74% more shine** and up to 92% colour intensity is preserved after 6 weeks***.

* Instrumental test. Soin Acide and Serum vs classic shampoo with sensitised hair
** Instrumental test. Compared to before treatment with Bain
*** Instrumental test. 21 applications of Bain and Fondant vs first day of colour


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Find Your Colour

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Discover Chroma Absolu

Discover Chroma Absolu

Discover the new Chroma Absolu range, reviving acidic care for colour treated hair!