How To Solve Post Gym Hair

Top tips from Kerastase for post gym hair!

OK gym, we admit that you’re great for our body, but you’re not so kind on our hair! A sweaty session might make you feel exhilarated with all those endorphins pumping, but the frizzy locks left behind could be putting a dampener on your feel-good factor. Check out our quick and easy solutions for gym hair using our up-to-98% natural, professional haircare range; Aura Botanica.

After exercise such as pilates, stretching or a gentle yoga practice, chances are you’re not going to be sweating quite so much and might be able to skip a thorough wash of your hair.

Bring back that fresh feeling to your locks with from the Aura Botanica range . This range is formulated with mostly natural ingredients that can help to manage frizz. The sweet scent of coconut and argan oil blend to refresh the hair whilst, the formula helps to banish frizz. Use Fresh Affair for a quick post workout wash!

Top Tip! During your workout, wear a fabric headband to not only keep hair from the face, but simultaneously absorb sweat, making the post-work out wash that little bit easier.

After high impact exercise

After a cardio routine, you will really want to give your hair a proper wash to leave you feeling fresh and confident.

Rinse with warm water before massaging in our light-weight Micellar shampoo , wash out thoroughly and repeat. This gently cleansing shampoo, with moisturising ingredients such as coconut and argan oils, can be used every day and is designed to remove impurities, making it your ideal gym partner! To learn more about the benefits of shampoos with micellar technology, read our article here.

Follow up with Soin Fondamental conditioner to deeply nourish and control frizz.

Top Tip! Make sure you focus on areas where sweat tends to gather, such as the hairline.

Gym hair doesn’t need to be a hassle with our simple solutions for luscious locks post workout.