Expert Tips on Thinning Hair Treatments and Scalp Care

Top tips on how to get thicker hair with Kerastase's Specifique range

If you consider your crowning glory to be your hair, you’re certainly not alone! Widely perceived as a symbol of health, youth and vitality, any sign of hair loss in the form of shedding or thinning can be alarming to say the least. Factors such as genetics, post-pregnancy shedding or even lifestyle choices such as a poor diet can all play a part in diminishing your tresses. And if that weren’t enough, the winter months and central heating are a perfect recipe for dehydration, making hair more likely to be prone to frizz, breakage and – you’ve guessed it– taking a turn for the wispy. If you are concerned about hair thinning, contact your Kérastase stylist to discuss and receive a Specifique Protocole in-salon treatment designed for thinning hair. And follow these few tips at home to fight the good fight.

Address thinning hair by starting with scalp care

To get rid of any volume-defying residue and boost the appearance of the hair fibre, start by cleansing with our Bain Prevention shampoo. It purifies the scalp and texturises your strands, instantly giving them more body. Follow this up with applying the ultra-nourishing Masque Hydra-Apaisant directly on to the scalp and then extending to the lengths of hair. But before you reach for that towel - think again! Your hair is at its most vulnerable after it’s been saturated with water so instead of rubbing it, gently pat to blot away excess moisture.

Up the ante with a targeted treatment

Once you have applied your shampoo and conditioner, it's time to give your thinning hair a boost with our Cure Anti-Chute programme. Used every day over six weeks, your hair feels thicker and stronger. Using your fingertips, massage a full dose onto your scalp, section by section before moving on to your usual styling routine.

As a treatment “top up” the Stimuliste spray from our Spécifique range can help boost your tresses and prevent further thinning. Designed for daily use, it’s specially formulated with Aminexil to improve the visible appearance of hair density .

How to style thinning hair

Finally when it comes to styling, the last thing you want to do is weigh your locks down with heavy products such as waxes or gels! For even more oomph, finish off your style with a few sprays of Volumifique spray from our Volumifique range to add substance to your hair without the heaviness.