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What is your personal hair routine?

I think I do less than most people. I wash my hair when I work out. But if I don’t work out, if I travel or if it’s been done for a job, I do keep it for a few days. I have a little bit of a dry side, so I do oils. I love coconut oil, I put it in the ends and a little bit of hairspray and dry shampoo when I go out. But besides that, I’m super simple. I’ve never touched the colour, I never do highlights or anything. My colour really comes and goes with the sun. So it’ll be a bit darker blonde in the winter and then I’m lucky to get some really nice… almost white bits in summer.

What do you look for in a hair care range?

I use so many different products just from work that I can’t choose, so I do love if it’s all one range, one company, one smell. And then definitely, if it’s too strong of a smell, or too strong of a silky feel after, I almost feel like there’s too much fake stuff in there. I know that shampoo that doesn’t foam too much is sometimes a good thing, because it doesn’t have many ingredients in it.

Why did you decide to collaborate with Kérastase?

Kérastase was always in our home growing up. It was always THE healthy mask to take when your hair is completely dry and my mum would tell me “You have to use the mask! Your hair is super, dry.” But it was also something special in our house because we used an average shampoo as kids.

And then my mom said as I was growing up , “Oh you can use my Kerastase mask” and I knew it was something special. So it was always in my mind as the best for really making hair silky smooth again.

How do you feel about being the face of the new Aura Botanica range?

Everything I eat, everything I put on my face, everything I put it in my hair, of course I would love it to be as natural as possible. Then Kérastase said that they were coming out with this line that has all super, super natural ingredients and from sustainable areas. A lot of them as well where mainly women work on, and that’s very much what I support. I love supporting women’s health, women’s education, women’s issues worldwide. And the fact that I can do that by working with a brand or with a new product, that’s amazing.

Tell us about the new Aura Botanica products.

I’ve always tried to use natural products as much as possible. Now Kérastase has come out with the Aura Botanica line that has ingredients that I absolutely love, like coconut oil, that are all super, super natural, and work! With Aura Botanica, I really feel like my hair is extremely clean and fresh after. My friend even commented on how my hair was shiny again!

Bain Micellaire: After the shampoo (Bain Micellaire), my hair felt very natural and simple, which is what you want after a cleaning. Nothing fake, just pure hair. I haven’t felt that ever with a shampoo.

Soin Fondamental: My favourite product is the conditioner, (the Soin Fondamental). I love this conditioner! My hair is sometimes a bit dry and needs that! It leaves hair extremely soft after washing it with the more rustic, natural feeling shampoo. It’s a perfect combination.

Essence d’Eclat: I think that the nourishing oil spray (Essence d’Eclat) is a great combination to have for some shine after the whole procedure.

Concentré Essentiel: I love oil, I have always used it on my hair. Now I’ll try using the

Concentré Essentiel on my body too! I think it’s great to be able to use it all over, and that also speaks for its natural formulation! Products, especially oils, should be good for the whole body.

I love that the range contains coconut oil! I’ve definitely always used coconut oil on my skin, my body, my hair and I’m not quite sure if that’s in any of the products that I’m using so far, so I’m super excited that it is in Aura Botanica. I don’t really get oily hair, but I get dry ends. I get the dryness on my skin and on my hair and I’ve always put coconut oil in the ends and especially before I go to sleep or even if I go out to an event, I put a little bit.

I also love that there isn’t too much of a smell to the range– it just resembles freshness and nature.

What does natural beauty mean to you and what is your vision of natural beauty?

I think natural beauty is simply the future because everything is becoming more natural or organic.

When do you feel most beautiful?

I actually love coming home from a long day at work, taking off all my makeup and just relaxing. I’m a very productive person. So the more I did in the day, the happier I am at night. Knowing that I did a great job is important.

What is your skincare and makeup routine?

Similar to my hair routine, I use very little. And for me taking it off is more important than putting it on. I’ll take it off and then I’ll let my skin breathe. In the morning, I’ll put on cream. Makeup routine is definitely a clean lip and always an eyelash curler and always mascara. I’m obsessed with mascara.