What is a Toner & What Does a Hair Toner Do?

What Is a Toner

You might have heard about a toner when it comes to your skincare routine, but what about in haircare? Let’s take a look at the most common colour concerns, and how a hair toner can help.

What is a toner?

Unlike in skincare, where a toner is used to tighten the skin, in haircare a toner is for re-balancing or personalising colours due to discolouration or fading. There are two types of hair toners: the one used by your hairstylist after lightening your hair, and one that can be found in some everyday products that helps preserve and boost your colour.

Common hair colour concerns

The most common hair colour issues are 1) brassiness developing in newly colour treated blonde hair as the toner wears off and the colour beneath shows through, and 2) brunette hair gradually showing increasingly red/orange tones due to lightning (sun exposure, over-washing etc.). Henna, a natural hair dye, can also produce unexpected colour results. It’s always recommended to visit a professional if you’re thinking about changing your hair colour.

What Is A Toner

How does a toner work?

A toner works according to the colour wheel, counter-balancing the unwanted tone by adding a colour from the opposite side of the spectrum. Take yellow/blonde, for example. What colour is opposite? Purple! So, by adding a purple tint to the hair, it loses its brassy shade. Try our anti-brass purple shampoo, Bain Ultra-Violet and perfecting mask, Masque Ultra-Violet from the new Blond Absolu range to neutralise brassy tones.There are many different shades of toner used when lightening hair, creating different colours from ashy blonde to striking platinum. It all depends on your vision for your hair.