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​Celebrate Earth Day with natural hair care

​Celebrate Earth Day with natural hair care
2 years ago

As Earth Day approaches, what better way to show the planet some love than giving your hair care routine a natural touch with our Aura Botanica collection? Using natural ingredients that are responsibly sourced, the formulas in this range are also 97% biodegradable without compromising on performance for sustainable luxury you can enjoy, guilt-free.

Respect, Reduce and Replace

The range is committed to eco-responsible production, whether it’s reducing water waste or lowering its carbon footprint. Everything down to the packaging is conscious of the environment, using recycled materials and cutting down on weight making it even less material-consuming. And all without compromising on performance: from cleansing and conditioning to styling, whether your hair is thick or curly, unruly or dry, there’s an Aura Botanica product that will help you to achieve a healthy looking glow and deep nourishment.

Aura Botanica = Natural origin haircare + Eco-responsibility

The key to our Aura Botanica collection also lies in sourcing the finest organic ingredients for its formulas, each one selected according to their unique properties, from natural lipids such as coconut oil and the iris flower.

These components are responsibly sourced, taking into account the stability of their natural habitats as well as the farmers and workers who produce them, ensuring that both they and nature are able to thrive.

So whether it’s setting up community projects to empower local women or working side by side with NGOs to protect the country’s indigenous communities and bring them revenue, we are committed to producing sustainable products that work both behind the scenes and to make your hair even more beautiful, naturally.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability.

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