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KÉRASTASE Salon 277 - 277 rue Saint-Honoré 75008 PARIS

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​Finding the right salon for you

​Finding the right salon for you
1 years ago

With the right hair care ritual, even something as simple as washing your hair in the comfort of your own bathroom can turn into a moment of pure indulgence. And if you’re already a fan of our products, you’re going to love our in-salon experience which provides all the pleasure of pampering, but with expert advice to boot.

Entirely dedicated to your hair’s beauty and wellbeing, each visit to the salon starts with a personalised hair diagnosis which is then used to create your very own tailor-made treatment to target any concerns. During the consultation, your stylist will take into account the health of your strands as well as your scalp, looking out for any problem areas, primary and secondary issues. They’ll also advise you on which products to take home in order to maintain that post-salon glow in between visits.

So, whether you’re there to relax and indulge, are keen to learn about your hair care needs or you’re simply looking to discover our latest breakthrough innovations and formulas, a trip to the salon is always a good idea!

Where do I start?

With most people relying on word of mouth recommendations from friends and family, finding the best salon near you can be tricky. Save yourself some time (and stress!) by heading to our website and using our Salon Locator tool to find your closest Kérastase salon. You can filter your search by location – are you looking for something closer to home or to the office? So, without any further ado, happy hunting!