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How to care for blonde hair

How to care for blonde hair
9 months ago

Blonde hair looks its best when glossy and smooth. So what are the best ways to prevent dullness, damage and discolouration happening to your beloved blonde locks? We’ve got 4 tips to care for your blonde hair.


  • Gentle Cleanse
    • Protect your blonde hair colour by using a gentle lightweight formula shampoo; perfect to sooth and hydrate hair from root to top, while illuminating blonde tones.
  • Keep conditioned
    • Conditioner specifically formulated for lightened hair will help your blonde last for longer, and maintain a good condition.
    • A restorative conditioner, like our Cicaflash, will give a super shot of care to your blonde hair, leaving it feeling silky soft and hydrated
  • Maintain your perfect tone
    • A violet shampoo, like our Bain Ultra-Violet, used twice a week will help to neutralise brassiness and unwanted yellow tones in blonde or grey hair, for a nourished cool blonde. You can also use a violet mask, like our new Blond Absolu Masque Ultra-Violet, to neutralise brassiness and care for your blonde hair.
  • Perfect your style
    • A leave-in heat protector can really help to care for blonde hair while helping to protect the hair from heat damage. Try the new Cicaplasme, a universal heat-protecting serum from the Blond Absolu range that offers up to 230 degrees heat protection
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