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1 years ago

If you’ve ever felt like your hair could do with a little extra TLC, then say hello to your new favourite product –the leave-in! Providing extra moisture as well as helping to enhance appearance, the right leave-in conditioner, mist or cream can give your locks that extra boost when it’s needed. Simply apply after shampooing and conditioning onto towel-dried strands before styling or leaving tresses to air dry. And the best part? Just about any hair type can benefit! So…

Which leave-in product is right for you?

The first order of business is to identify your hair type which you can do by heading to your nearest Kérastase salon for a personalised hair diagnosis. Ask in-salon about our new diagnostic app! This will help you to look for a product which addresses your hair’s specific needs, so whatever you’re after – intense moisture, volume, anti-frizz action – there’s a leave-in product to suit you!

For severely dried-out hair

Our Crème Magistral balm from the Nutritive collection is specially formulated to treat and texturise parched tresses, helping to restore suppleness and shine. Although it provides intense nourishment, the finish is ultra-light meaning locks won’t feel weighed down or appear greasy (never a good look). If you’re going to be heat styling, you're in luck because Crème Magistral provides thermo protection.

For fine, flat hair

Reach new heights with our Volumifique Spray! Applied on towel-dried from root to tips before styling as normal, it gives locks some serious oomph adding volume and substance whilst leaving hair feeling light and airy. Added bonus – hairstyles are also protected by its anti-static effect.

For frizz-prone hair

When it comes to fighting the frizz, none of our products does it better than the Fluidissime Spray from our Discipline range. Not only does it reduce blow-drying time, it provides a high-gloss, anti-frizz finish making it ideal for those with frizzy, unruly locks. For added protection when heat styling, apply a small amount of Kératine Thermique which provides the intense care of a cream whilst making hair instantly look shinier and resurfaced. Did someone say smooth operator?

For thinning hair

Our first densifying mousse, Densifique Densimorphose leaves hair feeling instantly texturised and fuller with a feather-light finish. With density boosting Hyaluronic Acid, Gluco-Peptides and Ceramides, locks feel more resilient and thicker from root to tip.

Congratulations. You’re officially a leave-in pro!

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