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​My Kérastase Results by Eva McMahon

​My Kérastase Results by Eva McMahon
1 years ago

Most women dream about having great hair, straight teeth, flawless skin and a toned, healthy body, and I am no different! I feel very lucky that I was born with thick hair that has a natural curl. Lots of people say things to me like “Lucky you, you do not have to curl your hair”, or “Your hair is so thick, you’ll never have to worry about thinning hair”. Well yes that may be true, but what they don’t know, is about the issues I have experienced.

Scalp issues can be brought on by many things, including lifestyle changes like stress, change of environment, or changes in your diet. Unfortunately, scalp issues may appear all of a sudden and when you least expect it. Some people do not like to talk openly about scalp issues however, I feel it is the same as talking about your body issues, acne or any other troubles women and men may experience. None of us are perfect and I am pretty confident that even super models find that one thing that may bother them. It is all about finding solutions for our problems.

As the specialists would say, I think it is super important to always start with the basics. If you want to lose weight, you change your diet and workout and it affects overall health. I recently learnt it is the same with your hair. If your scalp is healthy, you hair can look and feel better.

I have always been proud of my hair but I would get embarrassed of my sensitive scalp. I had two parts around the hairline that were so sensitive and dry that it effected the look of my skin around my hairline. So I decided to take control and seek the help of the professionals!

If you read my two previous posts, you will see I recently experienced the Kérastase Specifique scalp and hair treatment at the Richard Ward salon and have been using my recommended at home haircare routine ever since.

Since I experienced the in salon treatment and have been using the at home routine, I have seen visible, positive changes on my scalp. The dry patches I used to be embarrassed about appear to have gone, my scalp feels soothed, and I have had no signs of dryness.

Whilst I hoped and thought that these products would help my scalp, I was happy to see how it also affected my hair. Before going into this process, I didn’t realise how strong the connection was between a healthy scalp and healthy looking hair. But now I have seen the results for myself, I am a firm believer in this! My hair definitely feels more healthy to touch, it is easier to work with when drying my hair or styling it, and it has more shine.

In addition to the 3 step routine the other Kérastase product I cannot live without the Elixir Ultime Oil. This oil leaves my hair shiny, soft and really use to work with, it’s a great prep product for pre styling.

Whilst I am very happy with the results that I have seen since I made these changes to my routine, I firmly believe that the hair needs continuous care. I know that I will have to maintain my new routine if I want to see long term changes and keep up the good health of my hair and scalp, as you would with diet and exercise!

That being said, these changes have definitely helped to boost my confidence. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on my hair from friends and family, and also from my followers on my blog and social media. The fact that people around me have noticed positive changes in my hair is the best proof I can get that my new routine is working!

Eva McMahon x

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