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My Sensitive Scalp Journey – by Eva McMahon

My Sensitive Scalp Journey – by Eva McMahon
2 years ago

During the years I have been through many different phases with my hair, however one thing that changed drastically for me at University, was the sensitivity of my scalp. All of a sudden, my scalp started to disagree to the majority of shampoos I tried, making it feel uncomfortable. I was always proud of my hair and always that person that got lot of compliments on it, so my dry, sensitive scalp was a real concern for me. At that point I started my search for the perfect shampoo for my sensitive scalp.

Around 3 or 4 years ago I started to look on different discussion pages and forums to find a shampoo that would hydrate and help sooth my scalp. That is when I first tried Dermo Calm Bain Riche shampoo from the Kérastase Specifique Range. Straight away, I started to see results. I always get great results when I do two rounds of shampoo, one to cleanse, the second to treat, and of course make sure I wash the product out properly. That is one of the key things I think everyone should keep in mind – you won’t see the results if you don’t use the products in the correct way.

So I was over the moon when I got the opportunity to try the Kérastase Specifique Protocol in salon. I booked a visit in the Scalp Clinic at Richard Ward Salon based in Chelsea, but the treatment is also available in other selected Kérastase salons nationwide. I can say that it is the best salon I have been to so far in London. If you decide to go there, you are in for a big treat. The salon is spacious with gorgeous design and the small touches that make it very special. The staff are helpful, friendly and welcoming.

Upon arrival I was shown into a private room where the scalp treatment takes place. I think it is a fantastic idea to have a separate room as it allows you to discuss any scalp issues you want to keep confidential. My hair stylist, Foster, explained everything in detail so I could understand more about the process and the results the treatment delivers. It was very helpful to get more insight. After my hair consultation we came to the conclusion that we would tailor the treatment to my sensitive scalp. You can also have the treatment if you are experiencing dandruff, hair loss or oily hair; it is totally tailored to your needs. I would compare the treatment to having a facial, as you don’t just see the results straight away but over a period of time.

The first step is anti-pollution cleansing. Kérastase offers an in-salon only Masquargil clay mask that provides deep cleansing of your scalp. It helps to unclog pores, and eliminate excess oils and sweat from the surface. I know it does not sound appealing but trust me my scalp felt soothed and cooled instantly. It is applied with a small brush and spread evenly on the scalp.

The next step is the sonic cleansing which is combined with one of the prescribed Specifique Bains shampoos. The choice of Bain for me was clear as I have been using that product for few years now, the Dermo Calm Bain Riche shampoo. they use a Clarisonic professional brush that is specifically used for the scalp cleansing, and also provides an amazing, sensorial experience. Simply heaven. Not only does it feel good, this brush is so effective that it detoxifies your pores and activates micro-circulation. It also cleanses the hair more effectively than manually shampooing hair using a pulsating sonic movement.

The final step at the backwash is the application of Masque Hydra-Apaisant, which is a renewing gel cream mask that is developed for scalp issues. And I almost forgot to mention another part of this wonderful treatment – the massage chair! I had such a great time during the treatment and as a busy mummy with a toddler at home; this was such a nice and relaxing treat for me.

The final part of the treatment was the Cure Apaisante vial, which is an intense treatment designed for dandruff and scalp irritation to help soothe the skin over the course of treatment. One Cure was inserted into the Micronizer (the device which helps disperse the product) and was sprayed directly on to my scalp, in sections. Once my whole scalp had been sprayed with the Cure, it was then combed through my hair. Again, it offered an instant soothing and cooling effect and it also smelled divine!

The whole treatment was finished off with a gorgeous blow dry. I opted for a classic bouncy look and it looked amazing. My scalp felt very hydrated, hair looked fantastic and I felt instant relief - It was honestly like leaving a salon after a facial but this time focusing on my scalp!

I left the salon feeling very happy and with my personalised haircare routine, recommended by my hair stylist, Foster. To help improve my sensitive scalp, he recommended the Bain Dermo Calm Riche shampoo, the Masque Hydra-Apaisant and the Cure Apaisante.

Look out for my article next week where I will share my at home routine and how I am getting on with the products!

Eva McMahon x

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