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Step into spring with nourished hair

Step into spring with nourished hair
5 months ago

Step into spring with nourished hair

Spring is in the hair! As weather gets warmer and we take off our winter hats, the damage done to our hair over the previous months can become apparent...

What winter does to our hair: two major concerns

Dryness: A common hair concern noticed after winter is dryness. But with all that rain, how is that possible? In fact, it’s the cold air combined with central heating that can strip moisture out of the hair. The result is frizz, a straw-like texture.

How to care for hair post-winter

To nourish dry, damaged hair, it’s important to start with a shampoo and conditioner formulated for your specific hair concerns. Not just a “one case fits all” treatment, the Nutritive range includes the Bain Satin 1, Bain Satin 2 and Bain Magistral shampoos for different levels of dryness, including dry, very dry and severely hair.

Follow with the Lait Vital conditioner or Masquintense deeply nourishing masque, also from the Nutritive collection, and finish by applying the new 8h Magic Night Serum, a lightweight hair serum for thorough overnight nourishment. Just a few drops on the lengths and ends will give you shiny, soft and healthy-feeling hair that you don’t have to wash in the morning.

Worried about harming your dry hair with styling tools? Don’t forget to use Nectar Thermique, also from Kérastase, a non-greasy heat-protecting cream for dry hair.

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