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Why should I protect/care for my hair during the summer?

Why should I protect/care for my hair during the summer?
5 months ago

Summer days are all about being outdoors and enjoying the warm weather. Unfortunately, too much sun exposure can have a negative effect on your hair. We’re taking a closer look at the effects of the sun on your locks, and why it’s so important to protect your hair during the summer.

What effect does the sun have on hair?

You wouldn’t step out into the sun without adequate protection, so why would you treat your hair any differently? The sun can have a number of negative effects on your hair, resulting in:

  • Damaged strands that are more sensitised and prone to breakage
  • Colour fade, lightening or shade changes
  • Hair that is prone to tangles and knots
  • Dry hair that is prone to split ends and damage

The sun weakens your hair's protein structure, meaning that it loses moisture and reduces elasticity. When combined with wind, heat, salt and chlorine, this can be a recipe for disaster. And if your hair is already damaged, exposing it to the sun can make it even worse. An open cuticle exposed can cause dullness and dehydration while changing the look and texture of your hair. Your locks can become coarse, brittle and frizzy, and more difficult to style.

What’s the best way to care for your hair during the Summer?

Prior to stepping outside, make sure your locks are prepared for what’s to come with Kérastase UV Crème Sublime. This lightweight leave-in cream is designed to give your hair long-term shine and smoothness.An application of this anti-frizz cream is the perfect way to keep your hair looking great all summer long. Just remember to apply before and during sun exposure for best results.

Once you’re back inside, reach for Kérastase Bain Après-Soleil. This after-sun shampoo is enriched with coconut water and gently removes chlorine, salt and sand residue from your locks, restoring shine once more for healthy, vibrant tresses.

Cutting your ends can remove damage from the tips, but this doesn’t solve the problem at the roots and in the middle of your hair. The best solution for these parts? A powerful mask to replenish lost moisture and strengthen and invigorate hair once more. Try Kérastase Masque Après-Soleil. This lightweight mask provides nourishment and hydration, ideal for the summer months.

Enjoy the benefits of summer, minus the damage, with these tips!

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