Best for: Blonde Hair
Blond Absolu is the ultimate answer for all blondes. A unique combination of potent Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower deeply nourished fiber and neutralizes brassiness for an illuminated blonde. This range, also results in silky soft, healthier-looking blonde hair.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Ultra Violet Shampoo
Step 2 Condition with Cicaflash Conditioner
Step 3 Style with Cicaplasme Heat Protector

Best for: Fortifying broken hair
Genesis dual anti-fall haircare treats hair fall due to breakage, for all women, in all lifestyles, with all degree of hair fall. A range of products supercharged with the most potent complex to answer to hair-fall needs: Aminexil, Edelweiss native cells, Ginger roots. This range fortifies and nourishes the hair, with increased fibre strength and more hair resilience.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Hydra Fortifant
Step 2 Condition with Fondant Reinforcateur
Step 3 Style with Defense Thermique

Best for: Nourishing Hair
Nutritive is our intensely nourishing haircare range for dry hair. A powerful and luxurious range is designed to make hair supple and irresistibly, silky soft to the touch. Customized hair care targets symptoms for three levels of dryness.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Satin 1 Shampoo
Step 2 Condition with Lait Vital Conditioner
Step 3 Style with Nectar Thermique Heat Protector

Best for: Radiance and Colour Care
This range features shampoos, conditioners and hair masks for colour treated hair, Reflection provides highly personalized colour care and preservation. This range helps preserve the colour, whilst providing boosted radiance and shine.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Chromatique
Step 2 Condition with Fondant Conditioner
Step 3 Style with Chromatique Illuminating Oil

Best for: Strengthening
Résistance is an anti-breakage, luxurious haircare range helps the structure of weakened hair to strengthen and reinforce the fiber, creating strong hair from roots to tips. This range will result in healthier looking and softer hair.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Force Architecte
Step 2 Condition with Masque Force Architecte
Step 3 Style with Ciment Thermique

Best for: Long Lasting Shine
Elixir Ultime is the iconic routine for extremely shiny hair. This indulgent range has the beautifying power of precious hair oils at the heart of its formula. Hair is left feeling silky soft, healthier looking and incredibly radiant.

Step 1 Cleanse with Elixir Ultime Bain Shampoo
Step 2 Condition with Elixir Ultime Masque
Step 3 Style with Elixir Ultime H’uile Original

Best for: Smoothing Frizzy Hair
Discipline's advanced, Pro-Keratin products smooth and tame unruly hair. Curly hair enjoys incredible definition without rigidity while wavy and straight hair receive anti-frizz benefits. Providing smoothing care with frizz control, fluidity, movement and shine.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Fluidéaliste
Step 2 Condition with Fondant Fluidéaliste
Step 3 Style with Kératine Thermique Blow-Dry Cream

Best for: Boosting and Thickening Hair
A dedicated luxurious ritual to make devitalized hair thicker, fuller and healthier-looking. The Densifique range features products with densifying technologies including hyularonic acid and Intra-Cyclane. This range will plump, hydrate and strengthen the hair.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Densité
Step 2 Condition with Fondant Densité
Step 3 Style with Densimorphose Mousse

Best for: Cleansing and Soothing
Spécifique is a range that can support scalp health by addressing issues such as scalp sensitivity, itchiness, dandruff, hair loss and oily roots. The products were designed to reveal a well-balanced scalp, that is gently cleanse, soothed and resulting in a beautiful head of hair.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Prevention Shampoo
Step 2 Condition with Masque Hydra Apaisant

Best for: Glowing Hair
Aura Botanica combines natural, earth-derived ingredients such as coconut and argan oils with advanced luxurious Kérastase formulations for truly effective haircare. Hair is left with a gorgeous, healthy glow.

Step 1 Cleanse with Bain Micellaire Shampoo
Step 2 Condition with Soin Fondamental Conditioner
Step 3 Style with Lait de Soie

Best for: Self Care and Soothing
Looking for a new addition to your selfcare routine? Look no further! Kérastase introduces: Fusio Scrub, a range developed to deeply cleanse the scalp and the hair from pollution particles. It’s a new efficient gesture to answer today’s main hair concerns: greasy scalp, dandruff and lifeless lengths. This range will not only cleanse the scalp but will result in healthier-looking, bouncy and shiny hair. With two scrubs to chose from, Apaisant that will soothe the scalp and Energisant to energise and volumize the hair.

Choose from:
Scrub Apaisant our soothing scrub
Scrub Energisant our energizing scrub