Here at Kérastase, we are complete believers that attaining beautiful hair is not just about having the right products, it’s about having the right care routine. Having the right care is not only regular maintenance that takes the form of trims and treatments, it’s about truly understanding the behavior of your luscious locks.

Knowing your hair type, its problems and how to prevent them can sometimes be the answer in turning a bad hair day into a good hair day. At a Kérastase stocked salon, you can ask the expert stylists for a hair diagnosis so you can find the right treatment and routine for you.

Can’t wait till your next appointment? Discover the in-salon treatments we have available and our online hair diagnosis tool below!


Fusio Dose is a unique two-step system blending a targeted concentrate with a conditioning booster that combats two different hair concerns. Your main concern is tackled by the concentrate while your secondary concern is tackled by the conditioning booster. Your stylist will undertake a thorough diagnosis looking at your hair and scalp to identify a custom Fusio Dose combination for you. There are seven concentrates and six boosters totaling an impressive 42 possible combinations to transform your hair with. Click here to discover more about Fusio Dose and find out where you can get the treatment!


At Kérastase we believe beautiful hair starts with diagnosis. It has been our philosophy to bring professional care for your hair with diagnosis in salon to find the right products for your haircare needs. Now this experience is also available online with the hair diagnostic tool. Powered by technology and the professional expertise of our stylists, this tool finds our perfect Kérastase products for your hair within minutes.

Prefer an in-salon diagnosis? Click here to find a Kérastase salon near you.


Discover this deeply cleansing scalp treatment in-salon. This scrub creates root volume and shine. Click here to discover more about Fusio Dose and find out where you can get the treatment!


Skinification of hair

Skinification of Hair

Hair health is the new priority! Discover how hair and skin care overlap and compliment each other!

10 Facts about Fusio Dose

10 Things You Need to Know About Fusio Dose

Discover 10 facts about Fusio Dose