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KÉRASTASE Salon 277 - 277 rue Saint-Honoré 75008 PARIS

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Kérastase is part of L'Oreal (UK) Limited.


We believe true luxury means you should never have to compromise.

You deserve performance and purpose. You should be able to enjoy luxury while supporting livelihoods. And you should have the best salon experience while knowing the environment is taken care of.


We’re using our innovation expertise to make this a reality. We’re going to become a role model for sustainable luxury. We’re going to take exceptional to the next level.

The story of exceptional haircare starts with nature. And with those who work with nature to make our raw ingredients.


We turn natural ingredients into exceptional haircare formulas. And we’re developing formulas that are evermore respectful of the natural world on which we depend.


Natural is not the same thing as biodegradable. Even in the planet world, raw materials like oils or waxes can have a rate of biodegradability that varies between zero and 100%. Kérastase is determined to lower its environmental impact by specifically choosing ingredients with high biodegradability for all formulas. With Aura Botanica, the brand has reached a remarkable average of 97% of biodegradability.

Our factories make exceptional products with exceptional attention to the environment.


Kérastase is dedicated to the sustainable use of materials, the reduction of water waste and, to lowering its carbon footprint. Nearly all Kérastase brand products are produced in the Burgos in Spain factory which has had a neutral carbon footprint regarding its production since 2015. The factory is also leading the way in environmental initiatives for reducing and reusing waste, and saving water. Concerning the energy on the site, these initiatives allow also to produce the energy of the factory - with a maximal capacity of 20,000MW of thermal energy each year. As a biomass source, it uses 12,000 tons of waste wood from forest in the Castile and leon region. The biomass plant is also fitted with photovoltaic panels.

Our packaging contains our product. And we want what's on the outside to be as innovative as what's on the inside.



We believe that the way our products are packaged is just as important as what’s inside. That’s why we’re finding innovative new ways to make our packaging as exceptional as it can be.

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What does it take to deliver truly exceptional haircare? Fusio-Dose is an iconic product that is part of our commitment to using breakthrough innovation to enhance luxury haircare while reducing our impact.

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Our products are for people and stylists around the world. And we’ll continue to make sure that exceptional haircare means you never have to compromise.


It’s been said time and time again. We know we are wasting water and electricity every day. These tips are small changes, from the shower to the blow-dryer, that can have significant contributions.

At home
  • Pre-dry your hair with a towel and air-dry when possible

    Reducing the usage of the hair drier saves both the quality of your hair and the electricity.

  • Don’t leave anything on stand-by and unplug your equipment

    Between 9 and 16% of the electricity consumed is used to power appliances when they are in stand-by mode.

Hair salon
  • Install aerators on faucets

    They reduce water usage by more than 50%.

  • Turn off water for products application and for massage time

    This will help to save the water and contribute to client’s relaxation.

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