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With the stresses of modern life, and external aggressors such as pollution and sun exposure, we are starting to notice more clearly the signs of ageing hair. And whilst you may be using anti-ageing skincare products, have you tried an anti-ageing haircare routine?

Kérastase has identified 6 dimensions of ageing scalp and hair, and created an indulgent, sensorial hair care routine to address them for beautiful, youthful-looking locks. What’s not to love?

We begin with the scalp where the skin can change with age, showing signs of dryness, sensitivity and slackness. Whilst uncomfortable, these concerns can be addressed with the right anti-ageing care!

Your hair itself can change over time too, due to vitamin deficiency, stress and UV exposure. It might start to look dry and dull, it can become weak, breaking more easily and can also appear flat and limp, lacking volume and body. With the new youth revitalising Chronologiste range you can fight these concerns and say hello to luscious locks!

Enriched with three-star ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E and Abyssine, the range provides anti-ageing care to the hair and scalp.

Discover the anti-ageing routine

As you might do with your skincare routine, why not try a double cleanse! Start off by using the pre-shampoo gel cleanser, Chronologiste Pre-cleanse Régénérant , to help detoxify and deeply cleanse the scalp. For your second shampoo, use the upgraded Chronologiste Bain Régénérant shampoo. Then give your tresses a luxurious treat with Chronologiste Masque. Don’t forget to protect your hair from heat, using the < Chronologiste Thermique Blow-dry Cream, a leave-in youth-revitalising blowdry cream.
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