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Skinification of Hair

Have your finger firmly on the pulse of the world’s most prominent hair trends? Then you’ll know that right now, the biggest thing in hair isn’t any kind of cut, colour or style. In fact, in 2021, the most important hair trend is what experts are referring to as ‘the skinification of hair’.

Skinification of Hair

What Is The Skinification Of Hair?

To put it simply, the skinification of hair refers to the emerging phenomenon in which haircare is fast becoming more and more like skincare. Not only do modern hair products and treatments borrow the targeted steps and hi tech ingredients of cutting edge skincare, but fundamentally, they hone in on the health of the hair, from the scalp to strand. As such, haircare has never been quite so sophisticated.

It also helps that women like you are more clued up about hair than ever before. In the same way that the current generation of ‘skintellectuals’ know just as much about the biology of the skin as they do about the chemistry of ingredients and formulas, wise shoppers are brushing up on their haircare knowledge. They seek out in depth intel about the hair’s anatomy and will hunt high and low for the best hair treatments and products that use active ingredients of the very highest grade. Case in point: Kerastase Fusio-Dose, the prescriptive and personalised in-salon hair treatment that treats hair to the most advanced active ingredients with instant results.

But let’s break things down even further. Below, we share the ultimate guide to the skinification of hair: from what it encompasses to how Kerastase’s game changing Fusio-Dose treatment can help you bank in on this big beauty trend.

Hair Health Is The New Priority

Once upon a time, haircare used to perform more like make-up. Formulas would alter the appearance of the hair at its surface, but they did little to tackle the root causes of its concerns at a more microscopic level. Thankfully, that’s changing. Where once we were happy for our hair to simply look healthy, now we want our hair to actually be healthy, which is why the demand for hair treatments and products that nurture and nourish the hair at its deepest levels − Kerastase's industry-leading formulations included − are on the rise.

fusio dose treatment

As an exclusive in-salon service, Fusio-Dose uses micro-emulsion technology that helps its active ingredients target the areas of the hair that need the most help. Rather than simply masking any issues, it uses active ingredients of the highest grade to target both your primary and secondary hair concerns with instant results − no excessive leave-on time required.

Haircare is Getting Personal

Skincare shelves may be packed with thousands of formulas suited to every possible skin need, but for far too long, haircare options were limited. Fusio-Dose applies the same kind of personalisation we’ve come to expect for our skin to our haircare.

Fusio Dose

Before the treatment, your stylist will undertake an in-depth diagnosis of your scalp and hair to determine your unique concerns and needs. Then, they’ll prescribe you a custom treatment formula, combining a base Concentrate to tend to your primary hair concern and a targeted hair Booster to take care of your secondary hair concern. Totally bespoke, there are 42 possible combinations to select from.

42 Possible Combinations

Hair Products Borrow Ingredients From The World Of Skincare

One of the most exciting advancements that’s come off the back of the skinification of hair is that many hair products now contain the kind of active ingredients you’d expect to read on the label of a facial serum bottle.

The best hair treatment for pretty much any hair type, Kerastase Fusio-Dose borrows many active ingredients famous in skincare, such as antioxidants (which help defend against hair damage), hyaluronic acid (the hero hydrator), amino acids (for fibre strength), glycerin (for intense nourishment) and jojoba oil (to boost shine). For example, Concentre Vita-Ciment (one of the base Concentrates) is formulated using ceramides which are known for their ability to support skin’s barrier function. In haircare, they work just as well to protect the hair fibre, replenish its surface and improve the feel of hair.

Fusio dose booster

There's A Renewed Focus On The Scalp

Scalp health is one of the most important factors in the skinification of hair. While we diligently apply our 12-step routines to the skin on our faces, the skin hidden under our hair is often neglected. But that’s changing. Nowadays, salon shelves are awash with formulas tailored to tend to the vulnerable scalp skin, either helping to exfoliate away dead skin cells, settle the temperamental pH balance of the scalp or nourish it back to full health.

Fusio Dose Diagnosis

Fusio-Dose hones in on scalp health too. At the start of every Fusio-Dose treatment, your stylist will undertake an advanced diagnosis to determine both your hair and scalp needs, before recommending the Fusio-Dose Concentrate and Booster combination best suited to you.

Want to know more about Fusio-Dose? Click here to discover 10 things you need to know about this game changing treatment or head to our salon locator to book now!


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