1.Elixir Ultime Bain Shampoo

Infused with sumptuous Marula oil, this gently cleansing shampoo targets dull and lacklustre hair and will help it look shiny, silky and gorgeously smooth. With its rich and foamy formula, this purifying shampoo removes pollution particles and residue, leaving hair shimmering and nourished root to tip.

Wet hair and squeeze any excess water out. Add a small amount, run through wet hair and emulsify. Use the finger-tips to work the product into the scalp. Rinse hair thoroughly. Apply once more and add water to produce a lather. Rinse hair thoroughly.

Follow with Masque Elixir Ultime for a more nourishing treatment at home.

2.Nutritive Lait Vital 200ml

Designed for normal to slightly dry hair, this decadently luxurious conditioner will deep treat your hair, leaving it nourished, soft and silky smooth to the touch. Without adding any weight, this gorgeously scented long-lasting formula enhances the natural brightness of hair and reduces oxidisation. Ideal for all types of hair, Nutritive Lait Vital reduces frizz, fragility and damage, leaving your hair hydrated, glossy and beautifully smooth. Squeeze a palm-sized amount and comb through washed and towel dried hair from root to tip. Leave for approximately 2-3 minutes and rinse out. Pair with Bain Satin 2 shampoo for a luxurious salon-like treatment.

3. Nutritive Masquintense Cheveux Fins 200ml

Highly concentrated with Irisome, this must-have hair mask intensifies radiance and shine, complements natural hair oils and provides a silky smooth and soft texture. Ideal for frizzy and easily tangled hair, this mask smooths, revives and replenishes. After using the correct Bain Satin product suitable for your hair type, apply 1 to 2 hazelnut-sized amounts and run through damp hair, strand by strand. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. Gently emulsify, rinse through and towel-dry hair.

Bain Elixir-discover now

4. Bain Chromatique 250ml

Targeted towards protecting colour treated hair, Bain Chromatique is a multi-purpose shampoo that neutralises external aggressors that disturb colour and prevents fading. Its sophisticated and innovative Système Capture Advanced technology – composed of chelators, UV filters and Vitamin E - fights the factors that dulls colour including water and pollution particles and other oxidative aggressors. Infused with Rice Bran Oil, light bounces off the hair leaving your tresses with an intense shine and a gorgeously vibrant shade.

Squeeze a hazelnut-sized amount and apply to wet hair. Rinse hair thoroughly. Repeat again and pair with Fondant Chromatique for an even more sumptuous experience.

5. Ciment Thermique 150ml

When hair is damaged by excess heat, hair can be left dry, brittle and in desperate need of some TLC. With its anti-breakage and heat protection properties, Ciment Thermique is the solution. Acting as a blow-dry milk, this sensational formula resurfaces and strengthens damaged hair, leaving it glossy, smooth and full of life. With its trailblazing thermo-seal glazing technology, hair can be easily styled without the threat of heat damage. Also suitable for colour-treated hair, Ciment Thermique leaves hair looking silky smooth and super soft.

Apply a chestnut sized amount onto washed and towel dried hair. Style accordingly with a hairdryer or heated styling appliance and leave-in for a gorgeous, silky finish.

Use Bain Force Architecte shampoo, Ciment Anti Usure conditioner and Masque Force Architecte for even more a luxuriously high-end salon treatment.

Ciment thermique

6. Bain Satin 1 250ml

Created for normal to slightly dry hair. The formula intensely nourishes and moisturises the hair without giving the greasy, weighed-down feeling. From root to tip, hair is easily detangled, silky smooth and gifted with a delicious sweet and fruity scent.

Spread a small amount of the product through wet hair from root to tip. Rinse hair thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

Pair with Bain Satin 2 for even more long-lasting protection.

7. Bain Dentisté 250ml

A bodifying shampoo, hair feels texturized and thicker.

Apply a chestnut-sized amount and comb through the full length of damp hair. Emulsify with water. Rinse through thoroughly. Combine with Fondant Densité and Masque Densité for even more of a lush and pleasurable treatment.

Bain Satin bottles

8. Masque Force Archietect

A strengthening mask that targets dry, damaged and brittle hair, Masque Force Architecte strengthens and softens strands, leaving it with a mirror gloss and smooth touch. Its rich formula replenishes and revives damaged hair and will help reduce the risk of split ends. From root to tip, hair is silky smooth and vibrantly healthy.

Apply to wash and towel dried hair. Comb the product through the entire length of hair. Leave in for 5 to 10 minutes. Emulsify with water and rinse off thoroughly.

Pair with Bain Force Architecte and Ciment Anti Usure for added shine and lustre

9. Soin Fondamental 200ml

Winner of Marie Claire Prix D’Excellence 2018, this creamy and indulgent conditioner is richer than a traditional conditioner but lighter than a masque. Enriched with certified organic Coconut and Argan Oils, this sumptuous formula melts easily into the hair, providing a gently cleansing feeling and aromatic scent. Combined with other products of the exclusive Aura Botanica collection, hair quality is improved and easily detangling is facilitated. Hair is more conditioned, silky smooth and finished with a glossy shine.

Apply to wet hair after using Aura Botanica Micellar Shampoo. Leave up to 5 minutes for maximum benefit. Rinse off thoroughly.

Use with the Aura Botanica Micellar Shampoo and Concentré Essentiel for 48 hours conditioning, 78 hours anti-frizz and a finish that is three times more shinier.

10. Bain Divalent 250ml

Bain Divalent seeks to address oily roots, this shampoo removes excess sebum as well as cleansing and purifying the scalp. By nourishing sensitised areas and dry ends, hair fibres are instantly softened and beautifully shiny.

Work the texture between your fingers and run the product through the entire length of wet hair. Massage gently and rinse off thoroughly.

Explore the rest of Specifique range that targets hair problems originating from the scalp, to prevent issues and help ensure that your tresses are silky smooth, über soft and full of life.

Bain Divalent