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Day after day, year over year, we live our lives to the fullest. Experiences, achievements and milestones are occurring all the time. But when we take a moment to stop and reflect, we might see that there are some telling signs of the passage of time on our hair. Kérastase has therefore identified 6 dimensions of ageing hair and scalp and targeted each one with powerful formulas from the rejuvenated Chronologiste range.

Revitalise Ageing Hair and Scalp

Women are more aware of the effects of time on their scalp and hair just as much as their skin, and that maintaining the hair’s vitality and caring for ageing hair and scalp is key. Women are noticing changes in their hair—it is becoming increasingly dull, brittle and fine in texture. The scalp, too, begins to show signs of ageing, such as dryness, sensitivity and slackness.

Chronologiste has long been our solution for unrivaled hair restoration. Now, Kérastase has combined advanced technology and luxurious sensoriality for an updated hair care system that completely revitalizes hair from scalp to ends, answering all of the modern concerns around ageing hair. The Chronologiste range is powered by targeted formulas that revitalize hair and scalp with youthfulness, and plump and hydrate each fibre as well as protecting and restoring its natural beauty, with three star ingredients Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E and Abyssine, discover the full secrets of beautiful hair at any age.

Infused with sensorial textures and uplifting fragrances, Chronologiste offers an indulgent experience to help achieve softer, shinier, plumper looking locks.

In-salon routine

As well as a complete at home haircare routine, you can discover the pampering and revitalising Chronologiste ritual in salon for beautiful revitalised hair. Find your nearest salon here

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