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What Causes Hair Fall?

Hair-fall is a part of everyday life, yes it clogs up your shower drain, and yes, it means you have to vacuum every other day or your carpet turns into a hairy rug... But the fact is, hair loss is totally normal. On average we lose around 50-100 strands a day, if you begin to shed significantly more than that or you notice they aren't growing back, well, that's when to sit up and take note. We’re taking a closer look at the causes of hair-fall, and exactly how the Kérastase Genesis range is designed to combat hair fall by reducing breakage and providing you with stronger locks once more. The thing to remember is, when it comes to hair-fall there are so many potential triggers, but before we look at how to remedy the situation let’s look at some of the main causes.

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The causes of hair fall due to breakage


The natural hair cycle process is responsible for those 50-100 strands of hair lost per day, as the bulb becomes progressively detached from the scalp and falls out. However if you’re experiencing anything more than that, there may be other causes to blame for your altered hair renewal process. Hair-fall has become an increasingly frequent concern for women with many women experiencing some degree of hair-fall at least once in their lifetime and this can be linked to a number of different factors, making it difficult to identify a specific catalyst.


The most common causes for hair-fall include environmental factors (like pollution and UV rays), external stressors and heat damage. These can lead to your hair breaking off mid-shaft, resulting in a reduced number of strands and weakened hair overall. With breakage, the hair is still growing from the bulb, but daily exposure to external aggressors can trigger inflammation of the follicle as well, which is bad news for your dreams of healthy, strong hair. Other factors that can be responsible for hair-fall include your diet, especially if you follow a restrictive one that doesn’t give your hair the nutrients it needs to thrive. Then throw in excessive use of styling tools which can cause dryness and weakens the hair shaft, which can lead to an increased rate of breakage that causes hair to fall.

What is Kérastase Genesis?

To ensure that you’re caring for your hair the right way, it is important that you have a haircare routine that is perfectly formulated to address your concerns. This starts with a visit to your salon, to find out if the Kérastase Genesis range is right for you. Genesis is a dual anti fall action haircare range. Why DUAL – Genesis addresses two of the causes of hair-fall – 1. Hair falling due to stress on the hair fibre and scalp – 2. Hair falling from the mid-lengths due to breakage. It offers a solution without compromising on care, for more fibre strength and more hair resilience to help reduce hair-fall due to breakage. In addition to this, it is formulated from a unique blend of renowned ingredients to promote beautiful hair through your in-salon and at-home haircare ritual.

Ingredients in the Kérastase Genesis range include:

  • Edelweiss Native Cells
  • Ginger root
  • Aminexil 1.5%

These ingredients are combined with hints of bergamot zest, cedar, lime, basil, rose and other inspired notes to give you a luxurious formula with a signature fragrance for hair that looks and smells beautiful.

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