Ateh Jewel: How to care for coily and curly hair



Ateh is an inspiring and award-winning beauty journalist and diversity advocate. With short coiled hair, Ateh looks for extra nourishment to bring out her juicy coils. Her favourite products include the Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition, Huile Sublime Repair and Refresh Absolu.

How To Care For Coily Hair

The tightest of all curl types, coily hair (i.e. curl type 4) consists of small, tight curls that appear to zig zag or corkscrew outwards from the scalp. Texture-wise, coily hair can feel anything from coarse and wiry to soft and fine, but as the curls are so tight, this curl type is particularly prone to shrinkage; when it’s dry, coily hair springs up to form the tight curls, making each strand appear much shorter than it actually is. While curl types have a hard time distributing the scalp’s natural oils down the shaped hair shaft, coily hair can be fragile and particularly prone to dryness, which is exactly where a moisturising, hydrating hair routine comes in.

First things first: how to wash coily hair. Some people with coily hair find that a weekly wash day is sufficient, but if you tend to use lots of styling products or work out regularly, then you might prefer to up your wash frequency. What’s more important, however, is your washing technique.

“One of the most important things when shampooing is the direction of the water,” flags Vernon Francois. “It's critical with curly, kinky and coily hair that as the water is going through, you use your fingers to help detangle in a downward motion. Make sure your fingers are separated. This will help minimise knotting especially on coily textures which are really fragile when wet.” Formulated with manuka honey and ceramides Kérastase Curl Manifesto Bain Hydratation Douceur is a creamy shampoo that has been designed to rinse away dirt, impurities, pollution and build up, while simultaneously plying strands with that much-needed moisture.

When coily hair cries out for an extra shot of moisture, turn to a nourishing mask. One of Ateh’s favourite formulas from the range, Masque Beurre Haute Nutrition is an extra rich treatment that intensely nourishes dry, brittle coils, increases elasticity and helps you detangle knots with ease, reducing the risk of breakage. You can also think of Huile Sublime Repair as your coily hair secret weapon. Our ultimate multi-tasker, it can be used as a pre-shampoo treatment but works just as well applied before bed for overnight nourishment.

Needless to say, how to style coily hair is totally up to you but it’s key to always handle it with care, manipulating the strands gently, trying out protective hairstyles and you can even try sleeping on a silk pillowcase or using a silk bonnet: the texture of the weave is much smoother than cotton and other alternatives, making it less abrasive on fragile coily strands. You’ll also benefit from keeping heat styling to a minimum, as extreme temperatures can dry the hair out even further. Applying a leave-in product, like Gelee Curl Contour can aid definition and pliability.

If you find your coils fall flat or lose definition between washes, Francois has an easy trick: “A great way to keep voluptuous curls or coils on day two or three is to use Curl Manifesto Refresh Absolu, tie your hair up before you sleep and the next morning, away you go!


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