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Curl Manifesto - As Seen In Vogue

Vogue beauty editors try Curl Manifesto and give their experience on how they use Curl Manifesto to manifest rich and beautiful curls.

Kirsty Brady,
Production assistant

For Kirsty, Refresh Absolu is her favourite as it is a great way to give her curls a quick boost and reduce frizz.

She liked the fact that you can spray it directly onto hair or into the palm of your hands to target specific areas.

Kirsty saw more bounce and definition with her curls and found them more moisturised and soft. She also completely adored the scent, finding it gorgeous and sophisticated.

Hot Tip: have the Refresh Absolu in your gym bag for a post-workout refresh.

Funmi Fetto,
Contributing beauty editor

For Funmi, with tight coily hair, she was seeking hydration from root to tip. Her favourite product is the Hydration Douceur Shampoo as it delivers ultimate hydration.

The texture she found was deliciously creamy and super gentle – cleaned her hair without stripping it.

After, Funmi found her hair looked as good as it felt – minimal shrinkage, and amazing shine, with her curls popping.

Hot Tip: use thoroughly from root to tip when you’re doing your wash day.

Deborah Ababio,
Executive assistant to the editor-in-chief

Deborah was on the look out for products that help her maintain her tight and densely packed strands of curls. Her go to was the Huile Sublime Repair to nourish her scalp and hair.

Always a fan of oils, Deborah was amazed by the scent and also how lightweight the product was. Her hair was left lovely, shiny and non-greasy.

She also loved how full and rich the range was, with the product going a long way to lather into her coils.

Hot Tip: Use the oil to not only style, but to nourish the hair.


Kérastase recently had the honour of joining Vogue for the panel ‘Me, My Hair, and I, A celebration of curls, coils and everything in between with Kérastase’. The panel celebrated the NEW Curl Manifesto range and featured Kérastase Inclusivity and Education Advisor, Vernon François, as well as singer-songwriter and host Jamelia, and Vogue’s Funmi Fetto and Deborah Ababio. Watch here below for a truly inspiring and informative discussion on curls and coils. #ManifestYourGreatness


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