Hair Serum & Overnight Treatment Top Tips

Give your hair the care it needs, with the 8h Night serum from the Nutritive range

Does your hair need an overnight treatment?

In the past, overnight beauty treatments have been focused on skincare. But why not our hair too? Let’s start treating our hair with as much love as our skin, and help improve its beauty and quality with an overnight treatment. Introducing the 8h Magic Night Serum for hair from the Nutritive collection by Kérastase.

A nourishing overnight serum for the hair

Just like our skin, hair suffers from aggressions throughout the day, and night-time offers a perfect opportunity for revitalisation and nourishment. The Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum is the hair care answer to a night time skin care ritual. Applied in one simple step just before bed, it intensely nourishes your hair whilst you sleep. The lightweight formula, containing iris root extract and blend of 5 essential vitamins, leaves hair feeling lightweight and irresistibly soft to the touch. With its beautiful fragrance designed to develop whilst you sleep, this is the perfect addition to your night time beauty regime.

Hair protection at night?

While aggressors such as pollutants and harsh weather elements are reduced at night, there are other ways your hair can become damaged while you sleep. Tossing and turning during the night can cause friction and static leaving your hair frizzy in the morning and when you turn up the central heating to get that cosy feeling, your hair is more likely to become dry.This explains the origin of the word “bedhead”.

Night-time serum for all hair types

The 8h Magic Night Serum can be adapted for all different hair types that have one concern in common: dryness. On thick and very dry hair, apply the serum through hair, then focus application on the driest zones.

- On fine dry hair, apply the serum to the lengths and ends to avoid weighing it down. .

- For normal-to-dry hair, apply a few drops of serum throughout the hair.

- On thick and very dry hair, apply the serum through hair, then focus application on the driest zones.