Kerastase fusio scrub for natural boosted volume and shine

How To Add Volume to Your Hair Using Scalp Scrubs

If a lack of volume in your locks is getting you down, then you’ve come to the right place. We’re taking a look at the easiest way to pump up the body in your hair for voluminous results, and it all starts with a scalp scrub. Here’s what you need to know about this transformative haircare treatment, designed to give you volume and so much more, and why it belongs in your haircare routine from here on out.

Why is my hair lacking volume?

When it comes to a lack of volume in your locks, there are a number of common causes that may be to blame, and they all start at the roots. If you have an oil-prone scalp, the oils at the roots can creating a blanketing effect on your scalp and weigh down your tresses, therefore interfering with your dreams of volume. If an oily scalp is not your bag but you’re still experiencing lifeless lengths and a lack of volume, your scalp might be trying to tell you something. Impurities like dead skin, dirt particles, pollution and product build-up can collect on the scalp and contribute to the weighing down effect associated with a lack of volume. So if you’re a fan of styling products for volume for example a mousse, using these products too frequently may have the opposite effect if you’re not exfoliating them properly from your scalp and hair. Therefore, the best way to bring back volume to your locks is to ensure that your scalp is looked after and adequately cleansed, for healthy locks and voluminous results.

What’s the best way to add volume back to hair?

If the above description sounds all too familiar, then you need to add a scalp scrub. into your haircare routine for instant root lift and added volume. For the oil-prone scalps, try Kérastase Fusio-Scrub Scrub Energisant. Enriched with Sea Salt, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin B6, the formulation helps to remove impurities and instantly reinject up to 72% more volume back into your locks after one application.

For those with normal to sensitive scalps, try Kérastase Fusio-Scrub Scrub Apaisant, enriched with Jojoba Seeds and Sweet Orange Peel to gently remove dirt particles and other impurities to improve scalp comfort, with vitamin B5 the formula nourishes the hair and prevents dryness. What’s more, this soothing gel scrub also adds up to 65% more volume after one use.

How do I incorporate a scalp scrub into my haircare routine?

The key here is moderation. Just as you shouldn’t be deeply exfoliating your face every day, the same rule applies to your scalp. Too much exfoliation can leave the skin sensitive, and clear away the essential oils your hair needs to thrive. It’s therefore recommended that you incorporate a scalp scrub once/twice a week into your current haircare routine. Replace your routine shampoo and apply your Kérastase Fusio-Scrub to wet hair, emulsify into the scalp and hair to gently remove all impurities from your scalp and hair. Then let it work its magic, proceed as normal to conditioning. Your hair will have had an ultimate deep cleanse for boosted volume and shine. It’s as easy as that.

Reinject volume back into your hair while gently exfoliating your locks, all with a scalp scrub designed for your specific haircare needs- try it today!

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