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Who are you and what is your background?

Hi! I’m Milly – in-house haircare specialist at Kérastase. I have worked at Kérastase for the past 4 years, however fell in love with the brand and the industry when I was very young, watching my Mum come home from the salon with the most glamourous hair. I remember admiring all the beautiful bottles in her bathroom cabinet, always asking to smell and to touch them (and I would definitely try them when she wasn’t looking!). This is when the hair and beauty obsession began! Since then, I have worked in the industry, starting as an intern, and have had the pleasure of working with luxury brands across skincare, cosmetics and haircare, and with Kérastase, partnering with some of the countries most talented hairdressers and most beautiful salons.

What should everyone know about haircare:

Less is more! Kerastase is a professional haircare product, enriched with powerful ingredients and technologies – you only need a small amount. We normally recommend shampooing your hair twice, using a coin sized amount each time. To get a gorgeous lather, add a little water if needed, rather than adding more product.

Best Haircare Advice You've Received

Always discover your MAIN hair concern first and treat that. On the journey to your dream hair, it is important to have patience and to use the right products to treat your current hair concern. Your hairdresser can help you to discover this.

What are your favourite Kérastase products and why?

1. Blond Absolu Serum Cicanuit: would it be dramatic to say that this product changed my hair’s life? This is the product that I recommend to ALL blondes as an absolute game changer in their routines. It’s no secret that maintaining bright and healthy blonde hair requires some TLC, however this product does the work for you, whilst you sleep! For best results, apply the serum onto dry or towel dried hair, through the mid lengths and ends before you go to bed. Whilst you sleep, the product works its magic, leaving you with the easy task of simply brushing your hair in the morning – no need to rinse, no residue, minimal effort! What is not to love?

2. Elixir Ultime L’huile Original: I love that this product is so multi-use. It can be used on wet or dry hair as a primer, finisher or as a refresher. Not only does it bring serious shine to the hair, it also offers heat protection up to 230 degrees. I love to apply 1 pump onto dry hair after styling for a flawless finish!

3. In-salon Fusio Dose Treatment: Fusio dose is a haircare essential! Personalised, luxury, transformative. When your hair isn’t feeling its best, going into salon to experience a diagnosis with a professional, followed by a personalised treatment based on your hair needs and hair desires, can leave both you and your hair feeling brand new.

Dispelling Haircare Myths With Milly

The myth: Heat protection is only needed when using high temperatures on the hair

The power of heat protection: Using heat on the hair can give us the most beautiful looks and styles, however it is so important to always protect the hair from heat to prevent potential damage. Under the influence of heat, water evaporates from the hair, causing different levels of damage to the fibre, however did you know that this damage can start at temperatures as low as 90-120 degrees? Kérastase have heat protection products for all hair types: milks, sprays, creams, oils – something for everyone to ensure hair is protected.

The Myth: Oily hair and scalp is caused by conditioner

False! The surface of the hair and scalp is covered in a protective layer known as the hydrolipidic film. The hydrolipidic film is made up of a combination of sebum and sweat and acts to protect the hair and scalp against external aggressors and is also known to regulate hydration. Although designed to protect, an excessive hydrolipidic film can cause an oily scalp, leaving the hair feeling greasy and flat. Lifestyle factors, hormones, genetics and washing hair with an unadapted shampoo can amplify sebum cycle imbalance.


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