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Discover Spécifique
with Nicky and Patrick

Nicky Lazou and Patrick Wilson talk about the Spécifique range and reveal some of their top tips when using Spécifique.

Destressing The Scalp And Hair

Nicky Lazou and Patrick Wilson, both Celebrity Hairstylists and Kérastase experts, talk about the effects of stress that they see on their client’s hair and scalp when in the chair. Both experts have experienced that stressful periods of life can sometimes alter the scalp and hair. Elements that they look out for are changes to the greasiness or dryness of the scalp and the amount of breakage on the lengths of your hair. Whilst finding the haircare range to treat this is of most importance, they also attribute a holistic approach to wellness and destressing to help treat these issues.

Favourite Attributes Of The Spécifique Range

Both stylists commend the new Spécifique range for it’s beautiful and luxurious sensorality. For a range that targets such specific scalp and hair concerns, they are impressed by the textures and fresh menthol scent of the range. A real favourite is the Argile Équilibrante, where the clay texture feels like no other product and lathers up into a beautiful cleanse. They’re also impressed by the Masque Réhydratant and its gel-like consistency, which really nourishes the lengths of the hair fibres

Top Tips For Spécifique

With lots of tips and tricks on the range, both have shared some of their favourite methods when using the range. Only applying the Masque Réhydratant from the mids to lengths of the hair ensures that you can really nourish the areas prone to breakage. Applying the Argile Équilibrante with a brush also helps give even distribution to the scalp. Above all, a nice head massage whilst applying it is the ultimate detox treat for your scalp

The Ultimate Hair And Scalp Detox Ritual

Nicky and Patrick have also shared how they use and apply the products. Starting with the Bain Divalent or Argile Equilibrante, once this is washed out, they then apply the masque to the lengths and ends of their hair. A quick rinse then has you ready to dry and style your hair. If you need that extra boost for your scalp, after your shower you can apply the Potentialiste Serum to help build up your scalp barrier.


Spécifique Bain Divalent


Spécifique Argile Equilibrante


Spécifique Potentialiste


Spécifique Masque Rehydratant