Scalp scrubs: For natural boosted volume and shine. Discover Fusio Scrub by Kerastase

The importance of a scalp scrub to exfoiate, cleanse and care for your hair

If you haven’t introduced scalp scrubs into your haircare routine yet, what are you waiting for? In the same way that your skin needs a regular exfoliation to clear away the bad stuff, your scalp needs it too. A scalp scrub is an essential treatment that your scalp and strands will love. Here’s how to incorporate Kérastase Fusio-Scrub into your haircare routine, for up to 22% cleaner hair, up to 79% more volume and up to 6x shiner hair.

Why does my hair need a scalp scrub?

When it comes to your skincare routine, you may know exactly what your skin is calling out for, such as a helpful dose of hydration, a good cleanse, or a deep exfoliation. The same needs apply to your scalp, after all, under all that hair, there’s skin there that needs attention too.

A scalp scrub is the perfect way to ensure that your scalp is looked after. It’s designed to clear away styling products, pollution, dead cells and other impurities that have the tendency to collect on your scalp. Remember: you can’t grow beautiful hair if you don’t create the right conditions for it to thrive. That’s why starting with the scalp is so important.

What’s the best scalp scrub for me?

We’re so glad you asked. Kérastase Fusio-Scrub is our answer to all your scalp-related exfoliation worries. Enriched with gentle exfoliants to effectively cleanse your scalp of any impurities that may build-up on your scalp. It also gives you up to 6x shinier hair*, as well as up to 79% more volume* - we love us a multi-benefit product!

If an oily scalp is something you know all about (ie. your hair tends to get visibly greasy after one day), you need Kérastase Fusio-Scrub Scrub Energisant in your life. Enriched with Sea Salt, Salicylic Acid and Vitamin B6 to help eliminate deeply ingrained impurities, it exfoliates both the hair and scalp for fresh results.

If your scalp is normal to sensitive, try Kérastase Fusio-Scrub Scrub Apaisant . Specifically designed to respect your sensitive skin. Enriched with Jojoba Seeds and Sweet Orange Peel to gently exfoliate your scalp to help remove dead cells and dirt particles. Also enriched with Madecassoside and Vitamin B5, the formula improves skin comfort whilst helping to nourish your locks and prevent dryness. Just what the stylist ordered!

How to use a scalp scrub

A scalp scrub can be worked in to your haircare routine once or twice a week. Once you’re in the shower and your hair is wet, work the scalp scrub into your locks. Then rinse fully to clear away all the impurities on your scalp and prepare it for the next step. Proceed to your conditioner once the scalp scrub is completely washed out, to ensure you’re getting the cleanest scalp experience.

Add a scalp scrub to your haircare routine today to revive your tresses and exfoliate your scalp in the most gentle way.

Experience an ultimate deep cleanse with the Fusio-Scrub In Salon Service

Discover your personalised in salon Fusio-Scrub service. Combined with essential oils for an sensorial experience, this new in-salon service helps free the hair from dirt, oil, sweat and pollutants for boosted volume and shine, offering you our ultimate deep cleanse. Exclusively available at your local Kérastase salon.