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Flawless perfection: how to get the ultimate shiny hair

Flawless perfection: how to get the ultimate shiny hair
2 months ago

Having shiny hair is the secret to elevating and transforming your locks from lack lustre to lustrous, and we’ve got the ticket to getting this right. We’re big fans of flawlessly perfect locks, and with K Water from Kérastase, you’re guaranteed the ultimate revolutionary haircare treatment for easier styling to make blow drying your locks a breeze. Here’s the scoop on how to get the three most important S’s when it comes to your tresses: shine, sleekness and softness, now easily achievable at your stylist’s fingertips.

How to Get The Ultimate Shiny Hair

When it comes to hair goals, having shiny, smooth and sleek hair is the golden standard. After all, nothing says health looking hair like this gorgeous combination. We all know that for a good hair day to fall into place, you need your perfect haircare regime - the right shampoo, treatment and styling. Get this right, and healthy, shiny hair is the final result. This is where the K Water hair saviour comes in, ensuring flawless in a flash. The innovative formula uses new lamellar technology to form an ultra-fine top coat on your locks. Just like applying a high shine top coat for the perfect manicure, K Water coats the surface for sleek, soft and shiny hair.

It is applied in-salon after your hair has been washed, replacing your usual conditioner or mask. Upon contact with water, the innovative molecules in the lamellar technology formula are activated, gifting you shiny, lightweight and fluid hair with no leave-in time needed. We love a hardworking treatment that makes effortless styling oh-so-achievable in no time at all.

Bolster Your Blowdry With K Water

The laundry list of benefits that K Water provides - from easier manageability to sensational softness- can go a long way in your ramping up your blow dry, a key asset within your shiny hair toolkit. With its advanced haircare technology, K Water is your blow dry’s new best friend, taking it to the next level to start a great hair day. When K Water is applied by your stylist, you’re guaranteed a polished finish, banish your fly aways and kiss bad hair days goodbye! The only thing we have time for is sleek hair that’s silky soft to the touch. Your blow dry just got a whole lot better thanks to K Water.

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