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For all the blondes who were warned about the damage bleaching their hair can cause and did it anyway, Kérastase salutes you.

It’s your demanding nature, your never-settle spirit that keeps us searching for the finest ingredients, creating breakthrough formulas that means we can all go blonder if we are bold enough. Think you can’t go blonde? Think again! Next level blond care is here. Say hello to damage recovery, softness and shine delivered in an ultra-lightweight formula specially formulated for the most demanding blonde hair.

Myth #1: Your hair is too dark to go blonde

Blonde Ambition

So many of us have been told that if you have naturally dark hair, you should avoid going blonde. It’s true that darker hair requires more bleaching to achieve the desired shade of blonde. That process can weaken the hair, leaving it prone to dryness and breakage. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t dare to go blonde, It’s just a matter of working with your stylist to find the perfect tone and personalised haircare regime to maintain your salon quality locks at home.

Myth #2: If you keep bleaching, your hair will fall out

Blonde Ambition

For those who just can’t get enough of being blonde, the most daring blondes. With the right post-bleach routine you can’t overdo it when it comes to bleaching and you shouldn’t compromise on your blonde out of fear. With Cicaextreme, you’ll have a day-to-night regime that will allow you to say true to you.

Myth 3: Bleaching your curly hair will make it even more high maintenance

Blonde Ambition

Let’s do it anyway! This is what the curly girl says to those who tell her she will just be too much is she goes blonde. Curly hair is prone to dryness, a challenge that can be worsened by lightening the hair. But that is nothing to be afraid of, it just means you need extra hydration and care, and that is what Cicaxextreme is here for. Enriched with an innovative hyaluronic acid duo with low and high weight molecules, the range intensely hydrates the fibre keeping curls soft, light and bouncy whilst strengthening and protecting your blonde locks.

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