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How to perfect your bedtime hair routine

How to perfect your bedtime hair routine

Take care of your hair while you catch up on some shut-eye by using these key tips on night time haircare, and wake up runway-ready!

What we love about a thorough night-time haircare treatment is how easy it is. Once you’ve applied your treatment and secured your hair in place, all that’s left is to close your eyes and start counting sheep...

What treatment should you be using on your hair, and why?

The night-time is the perfect opportunity to apply a deeply nourishing hair treatment like the new Nutritive 8h Magic Night serum by Kérastase. It gradually absorbs into the hair fibre, caring for your hair as you sleep. Plus, it doesn’t need to be washed out when you wake up, making it ideal for anyone with a fast-paced lifestyle. The result is luxuriously nourished hair from the moment your alarm rings.

3 top tips about caring for hair while you sleep.

As well as treating your hair to a nourishing night hair serum, here are some key haircare tips that can really help protect against damage and promote overall hair quality:

-Help prevent night-time hair breakage caused by tossing and turning by using a soft silk pillowcase and make sure you wash them regularly.

-Use a silk scrunchie to tie up your hair at night. Not only are they back in fashion, but they can help keep the shape of your hair and can be a lot gentler on the hair than regular elastics.

-Make sure you brush your hair from root to tip before going to bed, this will release tangles and help distribute your natural oils, helping you wake up with shiny, healthy hair.

-Make the most of your forty winks with a nourishing hair treatment, for hair that’s ready to face the day!

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