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Let us introduce you to next level post bleach haircare

We’ve said it a million times, going blonde is a high maintenance undertaking. Yet blondes around the world tell us its worth it. Going blonde is totally exhilarating and you shouldn’t have to compromise on the condition of your locks when achieving your ultimate hair colour. That’s why we created our blockbuster blonde care range, Blond Absolu, so you can dare to go blonde armed with the very best care.

As much as we love heading to the salon for our blonding service, without careful pampering, bleaching can leave your hair feeling dry, brittle, and inelastic as well as fragile, dull and prone to breakage. That’s why finding your personalised post bleach care regime is crucial if you’re going to keep your blonde tresses in great condition. Here’s what you need to keep your blonde on point after bleaching.
Le Bain Cicaextreme shampoo cream
An Ultra-moisturising post bleaching shampoo

A transformative shampoo cream inspired by the most luxurious skincare products, which provides an entirely new experience for post-bleach hair. This colour protecting shampoo is unique and intensely caring. It’s specially formulated for fragile hair, looks and feels like a rich cream for the skin and will provide a luxurious and gentle cleanse. Expect hair mask quality care and indulgence, with the lightweight cleansing power of a shampoo.

Masque Cicaextreme
Intensely restorative post bleaching hair mask

An intensely conditioning hair treatment is an absolute must for post bleach care. When our most demanding blondes ask for an even more powerful hair mask, we answered with Masque Cicaextreme. This intensely restorative treatment takes post bleaching care to the extreme, providing indulgent damage recovery haircare leaving your blonde locks stronger, softer and shinier with a lightweight feel.

Huile Cicaextreme
Intense blonde strengthening oil

Calling all blondes! Post bleached blond tresses need more than just a shampoo and conditioner. Boost your blonde regime with our hair oil: Huile Cicaextreme. Apply, on wet or dry hair as a primer, finisher or refresher for instant shine and softness while reducing the appearance of split ends. Our signature glass bottle holds the key to post bleached hair recovery.

Overnight Blonde recovery serum

Just like a rich a rich night cream for your skins, this all-star serum works overnight to recovery bleaching damage and strengthen blonde hair. Powered by hyaluronic acid and edelweiss flower, Cicanuit harnesses the restorative power of the night to deliver intense hydration, softness and shine for healthier looking hair. With no need to rinse in the morning, simply apply before bed on wet or dry hair for irresistible blonde locks with a gorgeous fragrance.

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