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Purple Shampoo For Blonde Hair Guide

What is purple shampoo? Everything you need to know on how to care for blonde hair.

Blonde hair comes in many forms, from natural, highlights, balayage through to ombre. Read on for how to care for blonde hair, as well as our top recommendations for shiny, illuminating and voluminous locks.

Let's start with the basics, and probably why you’re reading this article. What is purple shampoo & what does it do for blonde hair?

- Purple shampoo was invented to counteract the brassy tones that can sometimes develop in colour treated blonde hair. It, unsurprisingly, contains blue and purple pigments that counteract the unwanted yellow hues.

- The effect of purple shampoo, however, is only temporary and should be used roughly 2 times a week along-side a shampoo and conditioner for colour treated hair. If you’ve noticed severe discolouration in your blonde hair, it’s best to visit a stylist and ask about a toning service.

- Be careful about sun exposure, which can cause colour fade, discolouration and hair damage. Try the Micro-Voile Protector mist, a light spray that protects your hair and its colour from the sun, salt and chlorinated water.

Do I need purple shampoo for my blonde hair?

If you have colour-treated blonde hair, a professional formula purple shampoo is a good idea in order to boost your radiance, reduce damage and prevent gradual colour fade. If you’re a natural blonde, we recommend to ask your stylist for a Kérastase consultation so that you can better understand your hair needs and the right ritual for you.

There are four steps for caring for blonde colour treated hair:
1. Use shampoo designed for blonde hair such as our New Blond Absolu Bain Lumiére. This Hyaluronic Acid infused shampoo is a lightweight formula ideal for lightened, highlighted or grey hair. The gentle cleansing formula soothes and hydrates hair from root to tip, with a lightweight feel. Bain Lumiere iluminates blonde hair, purifies hair from pollution and removes dulling agents. Enriched with a combination of Hyaluronic Acid and Edelweiss flower, the product prevents damage and protects the hair fibre. Hair is cleansed, with a radiant shine and nourished to the tip.

2. Add a violet shampoo into your routine twice a week, like our new Bain Ultra-Violet. This will help to boost the radiance and help to protect the colour.

3. A weekly hair masque will add a layer of nourishment and hair will consequently look healthier and shinier. Try Blond Absolu's new Masque Ultra-Violet to neutralise brassy tones. Leave on for five to ten minutes for maximum neutralisation.

5. Make sure to protect your hair from heat by regularly using Blond Absolu's Cicaplasme, as the new universal heat-protecting serum. Lastly, be careful about sun exposure, which can cause colour fade, discolouration and hair damage.
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